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Dad really got home in 1946 when he made it back to Providence, RI.  He returned to his wife and daughter and continued to build a family and a life.  He returned to civilian life.  He moved to New Hampshire and a better job. He bought a house and had three more kids.  He never left the Air Corps though.  He remained on the inactive reserve roster until 1951 when he was reinstated as a Captain in the, then new, Air Force Reserve.

Due to the number of dependents that he had, he never had to return to active duty, but he remained in the Reserves until 1971 when he was retired from the Air Force Reserve as a Lt. Colonel.

Dad is still alive, and almost 82 years old.  I hope he's not too embarrassed by this bearing of his military life.

I'd like to thank him for what he did.  I'd like to thank everyone for what they did!  Young or old, World War I or II, Korea or Vietnam, Desert Storm or on going peace keeping duty, Thanks!

If we never forget...we shall never have to relive.  THANK YOU ALL!


A Special Thanks should go to my Mom, who volunteered at the USO, The American Red Cross, and gave blood regularly.  She also kept a great "Scrap Book" that has helped me tell my Dad's story.  Thanks Mom!

                            ~ EPILOGUE ~

Richard Hacking designed this website out of love for his father, Charles E. Hacking, and out of curiosity for his father's military career. In 1998, shortly after completing Dad's CBI Page, Richard Hacking passed away. Three years later, in 2001, Charles E. Hacking also passed away.

This website is maintained by Ruth Ann Hacking, in memory of her father and grandfather. Some information may be added as it becomes available, but the goal is to keep it as close to the original design as possible.

I'll Be Seeing You

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