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This is an outline of Dad's service during WWII.  Some of the details are missing due mostly to the fact that there was a war on.  A lot of things weren't written down or at least weren't saved due to security reasons.  An interesting note from my Dad is reprinted here.  It may make the gaps in the story easier to understand.

                                            I can't say a thing, the war is to blame,
                                            Just write that I'm well and send my name.
                                            I can't tell where I am, can't mention the date,
                                            I can't even number the meals I ate.
                                            Can't say where I'm going, don't know where I'll land,
                                            Can't even inform you just how I stand.
                                            Can't mention the snowflakes, not even the rain,
                                            All Army maneuvers must secret remain.
                                            Can't use a flashlight to guide myself at night,
                                            Can't smoke a cigarette, except out of sight.
                                            Can't keep a diary, for such is a sin,
                                            Can't even keep the envelopes your letters come in.
                                            Can't say for sure these words that I write
                                            Will be passed by the censor
                                            So I'll just say "Good night"!

Outline of Charles E. Hacking's WWII Service

20 June 1942 -     Inducted into the Army by lottery.
6 July 1942 -        Active Duty Effective
9 Jan. 1943 -        Graduated Embry Riddle School of Aviation as an aircraft welder.
4 March 1943 -    Made grade of Corporal
4 March 1943 -    Entered Officer's Candidate School (OCS) Miami, FL
29 May 1943 -     Graduated OCS, Class of '43D
29 July 1943 -      Relieved of Duty @ Air Corps Administration, 87 Airdrome Squadron, HQ,
                             Hunter Field, Georgia.  Assigned to 8th Airdrome Sqdn @ Chathom Field, GA.
3 August 1943 -    Designated "Technical Supply Officer" principal duty & additional duty as
                             "Transportation Officer".
Late Aug. '43 -      Left for overseas.
Dec.'43-Jan.'44 -   Algeria, No. Africa
Feb.- April '44 -    India
1 May 1944 -        Arrived China / China, India, Burma Air Service Command
4 Sept. '44 -          Made grade of 1st Lieutenant
3 Dec. '44 -           Appointed Assistant Base Commander Swichwan Air Base, China
24 May '45 -         Assigned to the 14th Air Force & will remain @ Changting AB.
26 Sept. '45 -        Left Changting Air Base for Shanghai by convoy.
27 Oct. '45 -         Made Grade of Captain.
21 Nov. '45 -        Left Calcutta, India  on the Liberty Ship S.S. Marine Devil
20 Dec. '45 -        Arrived Seattle, WA.
29 March '46 -     Reverted to inactive status

I have just discovered my Dad's hand written outline of his active duty experiences. Here they are:

June '43 to Aug '43, Adjutant (2110) Airdrome Sq.
Aug '43 to Sept '43, Technical Supply Officer (4902) Airdrome Sq.
Sept '44 to Aug '45, Air Base Executive Officer (2120) Air China Service Command
Assumed responsibility for all jobs requiring an officer during this period.  Lt. Col. Bull and myself operated the only base on the east China coast with a small detachment of enlisted personnel.  I supervised work in all areas of the Air Corps, including airplane engineering, ordinance, Airdrome maintenance, finance and civilian personnel.
Aug '45 to Sept '45, Air Base operations (2158) Airdrome Officer, Kangwan Air Base.

A lot of the missing time can be filled in by the rest of this web site.  These were all the actual dates that I could find and confirm.

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