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My Dad always played down the significance of this medal by saying "Everybody got one of those".
This medal was developed in 1944 just for guys like my Dad.  People who did more than they had to to help win a war!  I hope that I don't embarrass him too much by putting up his CO's recommendation here.  It really tells a great deal about what he did in the CBI Theater of WWII.


Changting, China


                                                                                                         17 May 1945

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Award of Bronze Star Medal,
                1st Lt. CHARLES E. HACKING, 0-579965, 18TH

TO :          Commanding Officer, 18 Airways Detachment,
                APO 430 c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

 1. It is recommended that 1st Lt. CHARLES E. HACKING, be awarded the Bronze Star Medal for outstanding achievement in support of combat operations during the period 1 May 1944 to 1 May 1945.

2. Lt. Hacking’s exceptional service has been outstanding throughout critical days at KWEILIN, LIUCHOW, SUICHWAN, KANCHOW AND CHANGTING.  At the first four (4) tactical bases, Lt. Hacking remained to the evacuation stage and performed in a superior manner under the diversity of exacting assignments for which only the best individuals are selected in such operations.  During the evacuation phase of HENGYANG and LINGLING, Lt. Hacking was sent from KWEILIN to recon escape route via KUKONG to LIUCHOW by road.  Lt. Hacking succeeded, by indomitable energy and ingenuity, in getting through road washouts and ferry obstacles that had blocked others, reaching KUKONG and eventually bringing out approximately twenty-five (25) truckloads.  Also at KWEILIN, Lt. Hacking, as Air Rescue Officer went within a few miles of Jap lines two (2) days before evacuation and brought out a crashed pilot.  At LIUCHOW Lt. Hacking, in addition to other duties, brought in seventeen (17) crashed pilots and crew members in thirty (30) days.  Lt Hacking established an advance bivouac at HOSHIEH and four (4) days before evacuation put it into operation.  Continuing from there in command of a convoy, Lt Hacking delivered part of the convoy to KWEIYANG, then continued to KUNMING with the remaining vehicles.  Assigned to SUICHWAN, by specific request of the Base Commander, Lt. Hacking demonstrated the same high degree of skill and executive ability in virtually every department in re-activating that Base.  At evacuation Lt. Hacking had full charge of getting out supplies and material via a fleet of thirty (30) beat-up Chinese trucks, and found time to render valuable assistance as Executive Officer in coordinating evacuation, including the hard physical task of destroying hostels and other installations.  Arriving at CHANGTING, sleeping in jeeps two nights along the road after three days and nights without rest evacuating KANCHOW, Lt. Hacking plunged into another Base activation and has been invaluable through his energy, experience, resourcefulness, judgement and ability to handle all types of personnel.




 3. At five (5) successive Bases, four (4) of which were active combat centers, and the fifth a staging field from which valuable missions have been run by as many as thirty-two (32) Fighters at one time, LT. Hacking has consistantly maintained a high degree of professional, physical and mental output identifying the superior type of Officer, and as such definitely merits the award of the Bronze Star Medal.

     ASN - 0-579965.
     DATE OF BIRTH - 2 August 1916.
     NEXT OF KIN - Mrs Ruth E. Hacking.. (Wife)
     HOME ADDRESS - 68 Lorraine Ave., Providence, R.I.
     STATE OF ENLISTMENT - Rhode Island.
     DECORATIONS SINCE 7 Dec. 41 - Bronze Star on Theater Ribbon.

 5. The entire service of Lt. Hacking during and since the cited period has been honorable and exemplary.

      W. F. BULL
      Major, Air Corps,




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