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Here are some sites that I have visited.  The former were used to find and tell my Dad's story.  The latter are links that I have found or that have found me. Check them out.  I hope they are helpful, informative or just entertaining.


    Dad's War - Wesley Johnson's amazing page about his Father's experiences during
        WWII. This is also the most informative site I have seen about finding and telling
        someone's story.

China Defense 1942-1945 - This is a good overview of what was happening
          in the CBI Theater. It is from the USAF Museum.  Use the links there to read the
          whole story.

China Defensive 1942-1945 - U.S. Army Center of Military History. An
          in-depth study of the China, Burma, India Theater.

AVG- American Volunteer Group - Flying Tigers.  The official home page of "The
          Flying Tigers"

MetaCrawler - The best search engine I've found!

Hump Pilots- Willard G. Mumford's site about C-47 pilots flying "The Hump".
        This site was put-up by a poet friend of Willard's that met him on the internet.
        Willard's a great guy!

China, Burma & India Theater of Operations - S. Neal Gardner's
        pages about his Father's Army experiences in the CBI Theater. A lot of authentic
        information here.

Air Force News - "CBI No Place To Be In 1945"

Bomber Girl Nose Art - An extensive gallery of somewhat related pictures
        and nose art as well as modern "Bomber Girl Nose Art".  This site was kind enough
        to add a pagefor me of some of the aircraft pictures that my Dad brought home
                      with him. Worth checking out.

"The Last Resort" - Web Home of the 341st Bomb Group "Preserving the
        Memory of Their Sacrifices" - The 341st, B-25 Mitchell Bombers in the CBI.
        They have a great logo!

American Beauty - A tribute to the members of the "Forgotten Fourteenth"
with a thorough history, photographs, and an art print, among other things.

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